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6 worst Cutthroat Kitchen episodes: for judges & competitors

Cutthroat kitchen episodes

While there are some best episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, there are others that did not really get the best reviews from the audience.

In this detailed discussion, I will review the worst Cutthroat Kitchen episodes that are widely regarded as underwhelming by the audience or ratings.

1. Season 1, Episode 1

This is the first Cutthroat kitchen episode to be aired on TV. It was an unpredictable episode where the chefs used pocket knives and other thievery tools to prepare dishes during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Surprisingly, the contestants were forced to prepare a French toast but only burnt bread was made available for them. 

To make it worst, the last chef standing at the end of the tournament was forced to prepare a lobster roll without the use of any kitchen utensils.

According to fans and contestants, this was one of the worst Cutthroat kitchen episodes. 

2. Season 12, Episode 10(Time warp Tournament)

Labeled the Time Warp Tournament, this episode was first aired on 6/8/2016.

In this tournament, the contestants were given the hard task of heading back to the sixties.

Season 12, Episode 10

Most of the ingredients, utensils, and cooking equipment they used were from the 1960s. 

In the initial round, the chefs had to take a ride around the cooking area while in a mustard submarine.

After elimination in round one, the remaining two chefs had to make chicken Kiev using ancient methods.

The remaining chef was forced to prepare banana pudding while wearing a space suit. 

3. Season 11, Episode 7 – The naughty vs. Nice

This was a special Christmas holiday episode that aired on 12/9/2015.

In this episode, three of the participating chefs were forced to prepare a party dip using ingredients obtained from Christmas stockings.

Season 11, Episode 7

The two remaining contestants on the show had to pull around Santa in his full outfit as they make a beef tenderloin dinner.

The final contestant then had to prepare Santa’s snack at his workshop.

4. Season 8, Episode 4

In this episode that was rated as one of the most boring, the participants made fast food as they move around with a cardboard car.

One of the chefs was also forced to make a scallop dish while underwater. The remaining chef was then made to prepare donuts while wearing a giant donut.

Some of this sabotage and conditions are the reason this episode was deemed boring to both the participants and the audience. 

5. Season 13, Episode 19

This was one of the last episodes of the Cutthroat Kitchen cooking competition.

In the first part of the competition, one contestant had to hash browns using a pan that had the shape of Alton Brown.

Season 13 Episode 19

Two of the contestants also had to make Cubanos using baseball bats.

The final chef of the show had to prepare Tiramisu while the hands are held.

These are some of the difficult preparation circumstances that made constant viewers list the episode as one of the worst. 

6. Season 11, Episode 1

This show was aired on 11/15/2015 and involved three chefs who prepared a thanksgiving dinner. While preparing the dinner, the chefs had to carry around a dinner table.

With the use of ancient Pilgrim tools, two of the chefs had to prepare turkey tacos. The last chef was forced to prepare potato pies while pushing a football tackling dummy.

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