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About Us

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Who we Are

TalkPar is a website that opens talks about the most recent events, shows, and personalities in the entertainment industry as well as the media.

It is a platform for open opinion and sharing of information about the current information in showbiz and reality TV. We focus on what is clicking, and what is trending. We also keep a keen eye on what clicked, what trended, and what was shining in the past days.

We we Present

Simply put, TalkPar is a website where you will find all the talk about the entertainment world. TalkPar seeks to give views and updates about issues and personalities in the entertainment scene. At TalkPar, you will get blogs about what you like, the events you like, the musicians or actors you love, movies and TV shows you enjoyed and an update on their status today.

About TalkPar


Get up to date on the main events in the entertainment industry and lifestyle.


We update you with details about the personalities you like as well as their life.


You will love TalkPar as we review all the past, current, and future TV shows and films.