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9 ways how Fabrizio Romano makes Money: Salary and Networth

ways Fabrizio Romano Earns Money

When it comes to transfer news on the European football scene, there is no journalist as popular as Fabrizio Romano.

The 29-year-old Italian-born has grown more famous every transfer window with the amount of following he has on social media platforms increasing every summer.

The term he uses to announce a done deal “here we go” has become popular among football fans. He uses this phrase for his tweets, podcast, and YouTube videos.

For someone who is not permanently attached to a known sports media outlet, Fabrizio has done an incredible job in gaining the trust of football fans around the world.

He is definitely the most famous sports journalist now and his accuracy has earned him trust among football fanatics.

9 ways how Fabrizio Romano Earns Money

For a man with no affiliation to a prominent sports media company and who appears to many as a freelance journalist, the question arises of how Fabrizio earns money.

fabrizio Romano

His following is big but how does this convert into monetary gains? The following are nine sources of income for Fabrizio Romano:

1. Salary

Many people view Fabrizio as a freelance journalist but he also works as a reporter for the Guardian. However, he is not a regular and reports most football news on his social media pages.

Most of his articles on the Guardian are collaborations with fellow journalist Jamie Jackson. To add to that, Romano writes sports articles for the American-based television network CBS sports.

He has a column on the CBS Sports website where all his transfer articles are published. Therefore, Romano earns a salary from both CBS Sports and the Guardian.

2. Media Appearances

While working with CBS sports and the Guardian, Fabrizio makes appearances on other sports media outlets once in a while.

The first one is Sky Sports where he appears now and then to offer insights on the latest in the world of football transfers.

The second one is CaughtOffside, a leading player in transfer gossip and football news since 2006. He gets featured on this platform to provide exclusive on the football transfers world

3. Freelance Journalism

With the number of followers that Fabrizio Romano has got on social media, he has earned the right of featuring in big companies’ media announcements.

fabrizio reporting

For example, Sorare, a fantasy football game where players sell, buy, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards hires Fabrizio to promote their show.

He talks about transfers to keep an eye on in the game in episodes of the “here we scout” show.

To add to that, any clubs, mostly Italians hire Fabrizio to officially announce the transfer they make.

4. YouTube channel

Fabrizio Romano has a YouTube channel that was created back in May 2021 under his name. Since then the number of subscribers has been increasing massively daily.

Towards the end of August 2022, Fabrizio Romano YouTube channel has over 1.9 million followers. He uploads videos frequently with the most consistent ones coming during the transfers’ season.

As of August 2022, views from the videos posted on his channel have totaled up to over 57 million. Just like other YouTubers, Fabrizio gets money through advertisements and views on his videos.

However, his channel does not have memberships and he does not stream on the platform to generate money through super chats.

5. Twitch Channel

Fabrizio Romano has a Twitch channel where he streams videos. Towards the end of August 2022, his channel had more than 525 thousand followers.

Romano on twitchtv

He meets the criteria that twitch requires to pay streamers and hence gets paid.

6. Sponsorships

With the following that Fabrizio has on different social platforms, he has attracted sponsorship deals. The most common one is with Heineken. This is a beer made by a Dutch company Heineken N.V. which is packaged in green bottles with a red star.

Heineken sponsors a streaming show on Fabrizio’s twitch channel on the last day of the transfer window. This show is named “Heineken Deadline Day with Fabrizio Romano.”

To add to that his “here we go podcast” is sponsored by Socios, an all-in-one fan influence and rewards app where one can play, trade, and win fan tokens.

7. Endorsements

Fabrizio Romano’s fame has enabled him to get endorsement deals from companies. For example, Romano has endorsed NordVPN on his social media platforms severally.

In a post Fabrizio thanks NordVPN for always making sure that his data is protected and providing him with access to Geo-restricted content in over 60 countries.

He also says that he uses it because it is fast and secure no matter where he is and proceeds to provide links where his followers can get the exclusive deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN pays Fabrizio to do all this.

8. Appearances on Fan Channels

Fan channels are growing rapidly on YouTube. With the need to provide credible transfer news to their subscribers, these channels have made it a habit to book interviews with Fabrizio to provide coverage of their club’s transfer activity.

fabrizio youtube videos

Some of these channels include AFTV, The United Stand, and DR Sports. Being one of the best football journalists around Fabrizio must be paid a good amount of money to appear on these channels.

9. Footballers and Football agents.

If footballers or their agents want to spread their stance on a transfer situation, then Fabrizio has become the go-to person.

Any transfer news that is published by Fabrizio is considered credible and spreads fast due to his massive following on social media. This has recently advanced to exclusive interviews from the players and agents he publishes on his socials.

Players wanting a transfer away from a football club can pay Fabrizio to air their opinions and put more pressure on their parent clubs to sanction the move.

Media Platforms that Fabrizio Romano works with

Most of Fabrizio’s work is his own. He is not like other journalists who link media houses they work for in the news they post on social media. However, he writes sports articles for the Guardian which is one of the oldest British daily newspapers.

1. Media company associated with Fabrizio Romano

the guardian

Also, Fabrizio has a column on the CBS Sports website. The content that is contained in the two is mainly transfer news.

Everything about clubs’ interests in players and deals that are progressing is reported.

2. Fabrizio Romano’s Social Media Platforms

Fabrizio Romano usually posts transfer news on his social media platforms. He is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As of August 2022, Romano has 11.6 million followers on Twitter, 10.7 million followers on Instagram, and 8.1 million followers on Facebook.

Fabrizio starts reporting transfer news immediately after a club shows interest in a player, proceeds to agents and clubs contacts, negotiations, and when the deal is complete he assigns it the famous words “here we go.”

Also, he confirms when the clubs involved make it official.

3. Podcasts that Fabrizio Romano Appears in

Fabrizio Romano only appears on one podcast which is widely known as “the here we go podcast.” It is usually on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and involves Fabrizio together with Francesco Porzio analyzing the world of football transfers.

Everything related to the transfer market, inside stories, and behind-the-scenes is talked about. The podcast airs weekly every Tuesday.

Famous “Here We Go” transfers by Fabrizio Romano

No transfer news will ever hit the headlines more than those involving the two best football players in the last 15 or more years. These are Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s transfer news.

Ronaldo’s, move to Manchester United is the most popular here we go tweet with over 596, 000 likes, 202, 000 retweets and 13, 000 comments.

Messi’s ‘here we go’ tweet garnered over 334, 000 likes 92, 000 retweets, and 7,000 comments.

Also, the surprise move of Casemiro from Real Madrid to Manchester United is one of Romano’s most popular ‘here we go’s with over 444, 000 likes, 104, 000 retweets, and over 14,000 comments.

romano's tweet

Additionally, Erling Haaland’s move to Manchester City was popular because he is one of the hottest young footballers in the world.

However, many people who have followed Fabrizio for long will tell you that the most Famous ‘Here We Go’ was that of Jadon Sancho to Man United.

This deal took Manchester United two summer transfer windows to complete and coincidentally came at a time when Fabrizio’s fame was growing.

It was the most anticipated here we go tweet on football Twitter. It stands at over 302 000 likes, 114 000 retweets, and 12 000 comments.

Is Fabrizio Romano Reliable?

There is no doubt that Fabrizio Romano is the most reliable football transfer journalist out there. However, other Journalists have improved massively in the last transfer windows and are competitors for the number one spot in football transfer journalism.

Fabrizio has gotten some news wrong but compared to the accurate news he has reported over the years that is a drop of water in the ocean. The football transfer journalism has leveled up.

Tier one journalists like Fabrizio are not in a competition of who is reliable but who breaks the news first. However, professionalism is maintained with every journalist acknowledging the one who had the first scoop of a transfer on their posts.

Recently, the celebrated journalist was crowned the best journalist for the year 2022, in the Global Soccer Awards ceremony for 2022.

Reported Fabrizio Romano Net worth

Fabrizio Romano has an estimated net worth of a million dollars. His earnings come from football journalism. This is meant to increase because he is becoming more famous around the footballing world every day.

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