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VaBroom Shark Tank Review: Update of where it is after show

VaBroom Shark Tank Review

VaBroom is a versatile cleaning tool that has modifications to make cleaning easier. Without a dustpan, you can use this multipurpose tool to clean debris and dirt from the house.

It features an inbuilt vacuum that can suck in dirt from a surface because of the suction technology. The tool was invented by Trevor Lambert of Enhance Product Development to enhance sweeping without bending over to collect the dirt.

When Was It Aired?

The idea of VaBroom was pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank television show in episode 11 of season 13. The idea was showcased on the show by Enhance Product Development, the company that manufactured the product.


The company’s CEO Trevor Lambert together with Logistics head John Vadnais came to Shark Tank with the idea of this smart broom.

This ultimate sweeping gadget was the main feature of this episode alongside other products such as Must Love, Romper jack, and Roq innovation.

The duo from Enhance Product Development had the intention of sweeping the Sharks’ feet with this cost-effective household tool. 

How Was The Pitch?

Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O’Leary were the panelists alongside guest Shark Peter Jones.

They were the investors that Trevor Lambert and the team faced with their VaBroom pitch. Peter Jones was a regular feature on Shark tank and has also been a panel judge at Dragon’s Den.

As a global business tycoon, he teamed up with the rest of the regular judges to analyze the 2-in-1 household tool that was supposed to eliminate bending when sweeping. Lambert’s main catchy introduction was the tool’s ability to make cleaning quicker and easier.

Summary Of The Pitch

All the Sharks on this show are known for their toughness and being over-critical when entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas.

When Trevor Lambert and John Vadnais presented the VaBroom pitch, they came to realize that even the fans are more critical and fastidious than the panel of judges.

The founders of VaBroom pitched their amazing broom that had a built-in vacuum. They explained to the Sharks how this unique broom can make the task of cleaning a typical home easier.

They explained that they needed $350,000 and in exchange, they will give the investor a 2.5% equity stake in the company.

When on stage, the two entrepreneurs stood confident and introduced the product with Trevor taking charge. The introduction of the product also involved a demonstration of how it works.

He stepped on stage and tested the gadget. All the Sharks were then given samples to examine and understand better.


However, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and guest shark Peter Jones were not amused by the idea.

Instead, they argued that an ordinary broom when used with a dustpan can still perform the same function. Consequently, they decided to sit out of it and leave the rest of the panelists. 

When the duo from Enhance Product development Company mentioned royalty, Kevin O’Leary immediately came up with an offer.

He concurred with the initial investment amount but for a royalty of 5% for a unit.

The shark also insisted on a 2.5% stake in the design company of the brand. This made Lori Greiner who was the other remaining Shark to bow out of the deal.

Deal Or No Deal?

Towards the end of the pitch, the duo reluctantly accepted the offer because they felt it was shaky and the Shark was getting too much.

They were persuaded by the idea of the Shark’s presence extending beyond VaBroom to other products of their company. 

Unfortunately, most of the show’s fans concurred with the majority of the other Sharks’ view that the product was completely unnecessary.

Fans thought the price tag of the broom was too high. The entrepreneurs quoted $59.99 as the price per unit but fans felt it is better to get a broom and dustpan at $2. 

Afterward, the parties sealed a deal but it was never closed. The company continued to make a lot of progress despite the below-expectation performance from Shark Tank panels.

After a dismal exposure from Shark Tank, there has still been a steady increase in the sales of the product. There has been a remarkable gain in sales since the pitch on Shark Tank took place.

What Happened To VaBroom After Shark Tank?

The product is still selling at $59.99 as the retail price and $37 as the wholesale price. All these price details are indicated on their website where you can purchase or go to Amazon. The impact of the Shark being felt will be a gradual process. 


In the previous year, the company had made approximately $3.1 million in the sales of the product.

The projection to make $5 million after association with Shark Tank is yet to be realized.

Perhaps, the negative reviews by fans especially after the price tag per unit are the cause of the slow growth in sales. 

After the product went viral upon Shark Tank airing, some fans loved it but others felt it was a complete waste of money.

After the Shark Tank pitching did not take off as the team from Enhance Product Development Company expected, they had to seek alternative solutions.

The duo has appeared on other shows such as Digital trends and Hunter with the aim of marketing VaBroom further. 

So What Next For VaBroom?

The $59.99 cost of the tool plus a further shipping cost did not go down well with consumers of the product. Most of the price details were taken offline after the recent discontinuation of the product.

Presently, you can still find VaBroom on their website, on eBay, and on Amazon. 

Final Verdict

Despite the portability of the product and convenience because of the size, major downfalls were noted. The small waste compartment of the tool was the major complaint featured in customers’ reviews.

When compared to a standard vacuum, the compartment is smaller giving the user a hectic time in doing frequent emptying.

As such, VaBroom becomes inappropriate if used on surfaces with a lot of dirt and debris. When you clean large areas per single session, you will have to empty them several times before completing the task. 

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