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Do Shark Tank Investors get along: Fights, Rude and Unity

Shark Tank Investors

The shark tank show is a reality television series that features entrepreneurs outlining their business proposals. These proposals are business presentations that will be analyzed by a panel of investors, popularly known as the sharks.

The sharks will then decide if they can invest in the ideas of these entrepreneurs. This award-winning show has been a successful series ever since it premiered on ABC in August 2009.

Do Shark Investors get Along?

The followers of this series have always been entertained by the bidding wars that the main investors engage each other on the show.

Shark Tank  Show

The five main sharks are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec.

When in the real tank, these investors are always on each other’s necks as they analyze the different ideas of participating entrepreneurs.

If you are new to the show, the fights will make you wonder if they can get along off stage.

Shark Tank investors do get along very well despite their competition for deals in the show. In reality, the sharks are good friends who get along very well. Having stayed more than 10 years making these business deals and consulting each other, there is no doubt that these investors are good friends in real life.

In most cases, they occasionally hang out together after the show is over. Even though they compete vigorously on the show, the investors still maintain tremendous respect for each other in the real world.

There are many occasions when fans have spotted them enjoying each other’s company while not on the show. 

On Greiner’s Instagram post, she once confessed investor Daymond is the funniest especially when they are off the show. If not the club, the sharks have been spotted hanging out at the beach and other popular sports joints. 

Whether they are in the presence of rolling cameras or not, the five investors crack jokes together to break the serious monotony of the show.

It is one of the best ways of building a good relationship with each other. In the end, the laughs and jokes make it easier for them to coexist despite the tough competition of the show. It is one of the reasons why the series has been a success.

Instances when The Sharks fought in the Show

The Shark tank show made 11 successful seasons during which more than 900 pitches were presented by different entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank Show

Approximately 60% of these pitches landed a good deal.

Even though most of these pitches go well, there are times when investors were carried away by heated arguments among themselves or with the entrepreneurs.

Some of the arguments were horrible and almost resulted in open fights. The show is a competition and fans love Shark Tank because of its realistic approach to competition.

Billionaire Richard Branson has made several guest appearances on the Shark tank show.

In one of the episodes, he took offense after investor Mark Cuban referred to one of the entrepreneurs as a gold digger.

The shark thought the entrepreneur was looking for money that she did not need. In this incident, billionaire Branson ended up pouring water on Mark Cuban.

It was one of the most heated arguments of the show that almost resulted in a fight.

Yet in another incident when entrepreneur Christopher Gray pitched his scholarship database and eventually got a very lucrative deal.

Investor Lori Greiner and Daymond John made a good partnership to invest in the business deal. The other sharks led by Robert Herjervic condemned the two investors for daring to put their hopes in a business that they know nothing about.

Incidences When The Sharks United In One Deal

A fierce argument ensued and eventually, the situation got out of hand. In the end, the three investors walked out of the show prematurely.

Incidences When The Sharks United In One Deal

Sneering at each other in the middle of bidding wars can make it difficult for these sharks to agree on one deal. In most of the shows, they are always disagreeing.

Shark Tank Show

However, there was a rare incidence when an entrepreneur pitched the idea of a Breathometer startup that can be used as a breathalyzer alongside a smartphone.

The idea was unique and exciting that all the five sharks combined their efforts to invest one million dollars in it.

The rare product was pitched by entrepreneur Charles Michael Yin. The sharks were convinced by the uniqueness and ability of the product to read alcohol levels in the blood within seconds.

The product was also able to show the duration a victim will take to sober up and then enables him/her to call a cab using the same.

For this idea to materialize, Yin had one million dollars but wanted to double the amount for the business to start.

With his bright presentation and the exceptionality of the idea, he convinced all the five sharks and got the funding within 20 minutes.

Surprisingly, this was one of the pitches that all the five sharks agreed on in such a short time. But in the real Shark Tank deals, they may take longer than the edited version.

The entrepreneur got a big boost and was shocked at how quickly he was able to get the stubborn investors on board. 

Why Shark Tank Investors Fight For Deals

For most of the followers, viewers, and fans of this business reality show, the main benefit is to get ideas on different business startups.

However, the sharks also have even better benefits and this is the reason why they put up a heavy fight to win these deals. 

When different entrepreneurs come up with startup deals, a shark who wins it will have a great investment opportunity. In the end, it benefits both the participating entrepreneur and the investor.

When the sharks make solid investments in various startups that they have captured in the show, the potential of them making profits is big. 

Moreover, they have the opportunity to get more exposure to new startup ideas than any other investor in the world.

The deals present clear thoughts to these investors and it is easier for them to make accurate investment decisions. 

In conclusion

The shark tank show was an immense and remarkable success series that benefitted the viewers, entrepreneurs, and the sharks.

In many ways, the show had a positive impact on the experienced business world as well as the newbies. The wisdom of the sharks is the perfect guide the aspiring entrepreneurs need to make important business decisions.