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Hell’s Kitchen Raj: An Update of What Happened to Raj after HK Show

Raj after HK Show

In the world of food, one name has become a household name. Raj is a very famous name and one of the most famous contestants from Hell’s Kitchen.

Raj is a legendary chef who has created some of the most famous dishes in the world. But after years in Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay sent him home. He was stunned. Keep reading to find out more about the person who goes by the name of Raj.

A Summary of Raj’s Hell’s Kitchen Appearance

Following his appearance on the popular cooking show Hell’s Kitchen, Raj could look at his life in a different light.

Raj on Hell's kitchen

He could see that he had been given an opportunity to make a better life for himself and his family. Here is what happened in brief.

First episode

In the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen, Raj was surprised to learn he was one of the three finalists. He admitted to having a “terrible” temper and said he had never cooked.

He also confessed that he was not very good at following recipes and had never eaten in a restaurant before.

Raj’s first challenge involved making a salad with shrimp and fresh tomatoes. He struggled with the tomatoes, which ended up being too bitter.

Afterward, Raj worked as a waiter during dinner service. Ramsey later advised him to join the blue team and assist them in the kitchen. He joined Boris at the Pizza station.

Unfortunately, Raj could not keep Boris’s instructions ending up making costly mistakes. For instance, he could cut mozzarella cheese in place of rolling the Pizza dough. In the event they lost the dinner service.

Next, Raj became the blue nominee for elimination. However, Raj pleaded that he is now getting familiarized with kitchen matters. After Ramsey’s questioning, Raj survived the elimination.

Second episode

During the second challenge, Russell and Raj operated as a pair. During this time, the blue team won as later awarded a trip to Cellar 360 in San Francisco for wine tasting win Ramsey.

Raj and Ramsay

Unfortunately, Raj failed to understand the concept of wine tasting as he could gulp in with noise causing Ramsey to ridicule him.

His second challenge was during the dinner service. First off, he could not hear Ramsey’s orders despite standing next to him, which was a big concern among the contestants. This action caused the blue team to face ejection from the kitchen.

The blue team blamed Raj for his actions that led to their eviction and threw things at him in anger. In the process, they lost the contest to the red team.

Again, Raj became the blue team’s frat nominee for elimination through a unanimous decision. Boris and Vinny followed in that order, respectively. Although Raj pleaded, claiming that there was an open bias and he needed time because he was a slow learner.

Ramsay accepted his arguments and let him survive the elimination.

Third episode

During this time, Raj became overexcited after surviving the elimination; hence he mocked Vinny for the same. Raj worked on the scrambled egg station during the paramedic service challenge. For instance, when he brought scrambled eggs, Ramsay protested that there was no seasoning in them, causing the blue team to taste them.

In the event, the team lost the challenge as the accusations were that they attempted to speak when the challenge was on.

Afterward, the blue team had to polish 250 stemware glasses for the successive service and wash all the kitchens. During this punishment, Trev argued that Raj was also to assist in polishing.

Raj shouting

Unfortunately, the teammates observed that raj was leaving watermarks on his glasses.

Furthermore, as they were cleaning the red kitchen, Trev discovered that raj had covered the piece of bread with a ceramic wrap. This incident disappointed the team members, who believed raj was making a costly mistake for the team.

Raj protested that they were targeting him unfairly; hence they had to exchange with Trev bitterly.

Raj went ahead to insult the team members with provocative statements. Boris intercepted and urged them to calm down.

During dinner service, Raj operated at the fish station. He overcooked the fish, which turned rubbery, but he redeemed himself by adding lime juice to bring out its sweetness.

The judges praised his creativity for using different flavors in his dish; however, they felt it was not quite done yet since there were still some raw fish pieces in there.

Raj was later eliminated despite being on the winning team. He was the worst performer in all three services as he could not match with his colleagues.

Notable Mentions and Events of Raj at HK

The most notable mention of Raj at Hell’s Kitchen is that he was not the one to win the competition. However, he has been a part of some events that happened during this season.

listening keenly

One of those events was when he had to cook a dish with ingredients from other seasons. He made his version of the dish, which was very different from all others. His dish was named after himself, which made it even more special for him.

Another thing about Raj is that he could not perform a better cleaning service in the kitchen. He could work while leaving some spots, causing his teammates to raise the alarm about his quality of service.

Since Raj was never ready to own up to his mistakes, he always accused his team members of being biased, causing his popularity to wane. Generally, Raj was a slow learner and made obvious mistakes, leading to doubts about his competency.

What happened to Raj after Hell’s Kitchen Show?

When Raj faced elimination after the third episode, he realized that he had to engage himself with his career. He was encouraged to have enough experience to pursue what his heart loves. For that reason, he had to return to his career as a personal chef.

For instance, by 2021, Raj began working at Frankel’s in Brooklyn. Also, he worked on different occasions as a catering chef at Rockefeller Center included. Surprisingly, he later lost weight in the process.