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Can MasterChef contestants come back, go home or same house

MasterChef Contestants Show

MasterChef is an American-based cooking reality television show that originally started in the UK. The competition features home chefs with experience as well as newbies who are venturing into cooking.

Having made its debut in July 2010, the competition has become famous and boasts of the twelfth season which was shown in May 2022.

Most of the professional chefs and judges who were featured in the previous cooking series called Hell’s Kitchen have also been part of this reality TV show.

Can MasterChef Contestants Come Back?

Luckily, the creator of the MasterChef competition allows previous competitors who did not fare well to contest again.

MasterChef contestants can come back and compete in the show if they meet the criteria to qualify for the second time. They will have to audition and get a fresh chance to feature again. After bidding farewell to some previous contestants, some sesons have offered second chances to past participants.

Some were eliminated early from the show and have been away for weeks, months, or years. The second chance has always given the fan favorites a golden chance to shine again and perform better.

This has been the case, especially for contestants whose elimination was a great shock to the fans. Those who returned to the competition had a chance to show the judges why they deserve to have the apron again. 

The season of second chances for contestants is not easy. The judges do not allow the contestants to come back straight into the show.

The eliminated contestants who want another chance have to compete again for a spot back in the competition.

There are also cases where the remaining finalists have been asked to vote back one of the contestants who should come back into the competition after being eliminated.

Can MasterChef Contestants Use Recipes

Now premiering its 12th season, there is no doubt that MasterChef has made huge strides to become a must-watch show for cooking enthusiasts.

It is even more interesting because all the participants have to showcase their cooking skills without the use of recipes. 

Ideally, MasterChef contestants do not use recipes when cooking because they have to show skill and expertise as they compete with the rest. Also, the competition does not allow or provide recipes for all the dishes that competitors are going to prepare.

All the time constraints of the show are real. Not only are the contestants not allowed to use recipes, but even their phones.

Following this, the competing chefs do not have any place to get recipes to use in the competition. As a competition, MasterChef is not staged and it involves the real-time application of the recipes.

Do MasterChef Contestants get Paid?

MasterChef contestants do not get paid because this is a competition that involves the pursuit of a win and the reward price. However, o facilitate the show, the organizers may pay some weekly stipends to the contestants but it is not much. It all depends on which show you are participating in.

MasterChef Contestants

For instance, MasterChef Australia pays slightly over $600 a week.

There are also some aspects where it is the contestants who have to use their own money. 

This allowance is given to them to cater for different expenses they will incur during the week.

Most of the participants come from far and also have other family bills to take care of. The allowance is meant to make them comfortable when they are taking part in the competition.

However, this should not be a discouragement for future aspiring contestants of the show.

They do not get paid for appearing on the show but the accommodation and food are the sole responsibility of the organizers. 

As a contestant, the best way of earning money on this cooking show is to focus on the ultimate prize of $250,000 at the end of the competition.

A good example is Larissa Takchi who won the prize as the 2019 winner of the competition.

Do MasterChef Contestants get Training

In most cases, MasterChef contestants get training to align their activities and standards to those of the show. They are also guided to promote the brand of the show and keep the episodes standardized. Both the US and Australian versions give the participating chefs substantial resources including tuition.

There is a bit of explanation that can amount to training that is conducted behind the scenes. In addition to this, all the contestants can access a library of cookbooks to study when they are not preparing dishes.

However, it is important to know that there are times when the contenders are given an idea of what the challenge will be about.

At the same time, no contender can consult the library when the challenge is already on.

The hotel where the participants stay does not have internet and their phones are always away. Only the room with multiple cookbooks is the training the aspiring chefs use as their source of information. 

When there is no cooking challenge taking place, the free time is enough to learn more about ingredients, cooking equipment, and cooking ideas.

Even if you do not win the competition, there is no doubt that you will come out a better cook or chef because of the knowledge gained. 

MasterChef Contestants living in the Same House

In all the leading shows including Canada, the U.S, and Australia, MasterChef contenders usually stay in one hotel but in separate rooms. This makes it easier for the organizers to assemble the contestants for the filming of the show. This is the setting accommodation that all popular cooking shows follow for convenience purposes. 

When the filming of the show starts, all contestants are supposed to be in the right position and not in their rooms.

However, all of them get one day off in a week to honor, master, and practice their skills before they can resume again.

MasterChef Contestants knowing the Challenges

In some shows, they know the challenge while in others they are not told anything about what they are going to prepare. The U.S MasterChef television show tells the participants what the challenge is going to be. This is done ahead of time to give them adequate time for preparation. 

As a contender, you have the time to think about dishes and prepare yourself before the timer starts counting.

The purpose of giving them the challenges and themes before filming is to allow them to research the techniques.


The swift-paced editing coupled with amazing suspension scenes is what makes the fans of this show happy. It is why MasterChef reviews are sometimes good and fun with the fans.

Above all, contestants will be constantly roasted by the legendary host Gordon Ramsey who is one of the most celebrated cooking show hosts.

Even though there is an introduction of several changes to the show, what remains constant is that you have to wow the judges to move to the next level.