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College Football Revamped: How to Install on ps3,Xbox or PC

Install College Football Revamped

Watching American football is fun but the video game version is becoming more popular.

Over the years, people have made video games on this sport that are now played by millions of American football fans around the world. Also, being an unpopular sport outside America especially in Europe and Africa, American football video games have become the perfect way to introduce foreign friends to the basics of the sport.

They provide a fun way to learn about the strategies and rules of the sport. American football games have been produced by different companies over the years.

One of the most popular one is NCAA Football 14 that was produced by EA Sports.                                                                                               

What is College Football Revamped?

playing the american football

College football revamped is a group that has turned NCAA Football 14 into a new experience due to lack of updates from EA Sports.

The new updates included are redesigned uniforms, updated graphics, fields, and a College Football Playoff-like system.

However, on February the second, EA Sports announced that they would develop a new game after the 2014 version. The College Football Revamped has taken its job even more seriously since the announcement to help satisfy the cravings of fans for a new game.

According to Cole Winton, a 23-year-old computer major at UCF and founder of College football revamp their aim was to serve as an appetizer before the new game.

How to get College Football Revamped?

Not many people are familiar with the fact that since NCAA Football 14 stopped, College Football Revamped has provided updates for the game. Once they realize this, they immediately want to get the version of the game.

It is not usually hard to get this version because unlike other game updates, you can get it on your devices for free. Some of the devices you need to get this version of the game include a PC, Xbox, or a PS3. Obviously you will also need to have the original version of the NCAA Football 14 game which you will install the updates to.

How to play the College Football Revamped game?

Once you have the game installed on your devices you can play it as you like and select a controller of your choice.

college football revamped

However, the controller has to be compatible with the devices that you have the game installed on. PS3 will need wired controllers while PCs and Xbox are compatible with bot wired and wireless controllers

How to install/open/play College Football Revamped on:


Here you will need:

PS3 console

8GB or larger USB drive


Physical game disc or a copy of the game files

Apart from the console, everything else is only needed for first time set up

  1. Install HEN and multiMAN on your PS3.
  2. Switch on your PS3 console and click the “Enable HEN” button and place your game disc in your console. After that launch the multiMAN application
  3. Hover over the NCAA 14 icon and hit triangle for the menu to pop up. Click copy, then click PS3 HDD. The question “Do you want to copy the game from BD-ROM to internal HDD” will appear. Select yes
  4. This should last for 15-30 minutes. Click Square to continue once it is done and then eject your disc and quit out of multiMAN. If you got an error saying the process was aborted, please clean your disc and try again.
  5. Move over to your computer and download the CFBR files recommended
using ps3
  1. Drag and drop all files onto the root of your USB drive
  2. Plug your USB drive into your PS3, navigate to the game tab on the main menu and open the “Package Manager”. Click “Install Package Files” followed by “Standard”. You should now see files called CFBR_PS3_DISC_EASY_INSTALLER_V19_PART_A.pkg and CFBR_PS3_DISC_EASY_INSTALLER_V19_PART_B.pkg. Select and Install Part A and Part B simultaneously. Once all parts are finished installing, you can remove the USB drive and make sure the game disc is already ejected.
  3. Start multiMAN and then NCAA 14 by pressing X. It will kick you back out to the main PS3 menu, but you will see a disc icon which after you click will launch NCAA 14 with our mods installed


  1. Install RPCS3.
  2. If you have set up RPCS3 before, delete your games. If you are setting up RPCS3 for the first time, this step is not important
  3. Ensue that your game folder is named exactly BLUS31159-[NCAA Football 14] or else the Easy Installer will not work. Open the your RPCS3 folder and place your game folder in dev_hdd0/disc/.
  4. Next, download the Easy Installer PKG
  5. Finally, simply start the RPCS3 and drag the PKG file that you just downloaded into the main RPCS3 window. It will take a while to fully install. Note that, you will know it worked if the game icon changes to a CFBR logo and looks. After that, launch the game and enjoy the new features.


This ca be done in 3 ways

If you have an ISO file of NCAA 14

Download the “Velocity-XEXISO” software and extract it using winRAR or 7Zip. Double click “velocity.exe” and Click on “file”, then “open.” Once it opens click on “ISO”. In the next window that appears click “extract all” and select an empty folder inside of your USB and then download all the CFBR mod files at the bottom of this page. After that move them into the same folder that you put the game files in. 

ncaa football 14

Make sure to set the paths to “USB0”!!!

If you have the game on GOD format:

  • Download GOD2ISO and run it. click “Add…” and select GOD game identification file which has a 144kb capacity. Click “Browse” and select output path for ISO file and press “GO.” After that ISO will be generated in output directory.
  • With the ISO format provided above continue by following the steps from the second option

CFBR DLC Installation

Install extra DLC files

Download and unzip the DLC file

Locate the “Content” folder on your USB and create the following path: USB: Content\0000000000000000\454109B6\00000002.

Place the DLC files in 00000002 folder

If UTEP has all of their helmets, then it has worked.