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Community Study Break: A Review if it is worth it

Community Study Break Movie

In today’s fast-paced world, where there’s just not enough time to squeeze in everything we want, Community Study Break is a movie that makes you feel like you can do it.

It is a movie that gives you back your focus and peace of mind has become rare these days. This movie completely engages viewers to want to watch more of the movie.

What was the Movie about?

The movie is about a group of people who live and work together in a community. They are all strangers but have to live together on a small island.

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The movie shows how they deal with their problems, what happens when there are conflicts between them, and how they try to avoid them.

The main Characters

Ryan Bingham – He is the leader of the group. He has been lonely for a long time and needs to make new friends. He meets his new friend Clay Jensen who lives on the same island as him, leading to an unexpected friendship between them.

Clay Jensen – He is Ryan Bingham’s friend, and he has just moved onto the same island as Ryan. They meet each other during their first day at school, and from then on, they become close friends. They help each other with their problems and support each other in difficult times.

Summary of the Movie

The movie is about a community of people who must move to an island to survive. The main character is a young boy who has never seen the ocean and wants to see it himself.

the actors

He goes out on a boat with his father and sister and meets another boy who wants to go out on the same boat. The two boys decide to race each other across the waves, which is where the title “Racing Stripes” comes from.

The little boy’s mother tries to cheer him up by saying they can move to the country and live there, but the boy says he would rather stay in town with his friends. His mother then tells him that she was once like him and did not want to move away from home, but she did it for the sake of her family.

The little boy goes back inside, where he sees his friends watching TV and eating ice cream. The friends tell him they are bored and ask him if he wants to play video games or watch TV.

He decides to play video games with them, but when they play a game called ‘Legos,’ they realize how much fun it is. They win the game, making them feel good about themselves again.

Later, we see the little boy’s father working as a manager at a fast food restaurant while his son watches television nearby, playing video games with his friends. His father asks him if he wants some pizza, but when he asks what kind of pizza it will be, he gets an answer which surprises him – pepperoni!

The race lasts for several days before one of them dies at sea, but before he does, he tells the other boy that he knows how he died because he had seen it before.

They then decide not to tell anyone about their race because they don’t want to be known as two winners who were bragging about their victory.

A Comprehensive Review of the Show


The fans of the movie are all over the place. They are everywhere and are not afraid to show everyone what they think about the movie.

The fans, who want to be part of the film, are ready to do anything for it. They will even spend their own money to be part of this film.

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The movie Community was rated PG-13 by the MPAA. This means that no one under 13 years old can see the film.

The reason for this rating is because of some of the adult themes in the film. There are also scenes of strong language, but none that should shock children.


Actors are not just the stars of this movie. They are also the stars of our lives. These actors inspire, teach, and make us laugh and cry. We look up to them as role models because of their talent and hard work.

When you think about it, actors influence our lives more than most people we know. They are like superheroes who help us overcome our fears, face our problems and improve.


The Community Movie Study Break can be profitable if you do it right. You must ensure the students are engaged in their hearing, seeing, or reading content. If they are not interested in what you teach, they will not learn anything from it.

If you want your students to know more about movies, this is the perfect study break! They will be able to learn about all of the different types of movies that exist today and how they were created.

Worth it on Screen?

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There are no words to describe the feeling of watching a great movie. When we watch a movie, we feel like we are in that world and experiencing what the characters are going through. To put it simply, a movie can change your life.

Performance and Production

The performance and production of this movie is a complex process that involves many different people, disciplines, and technologies.

This study break movie will give you an overview of the entire production process, from script writing to casting, location scouting, filming, and editing.

Where to Watch

Here is where to watch:

1. Netflix

2. Hulu

3. Amazon Prime Video

4. HBO Go

5. YouTube

Overall Opinion about the Movie

I chose this particular movie because it was an extremely well-crafted film, with a ton of heart to boot.

We enjoyed every character arc and ripping up (or crying) multiple times throughout the movie. We highly recommend it and think anyone without plans for tonight should make time for this one—no matter your favorite genre.